At Quick Count Services, our primary business is to supply and service all forms of currency handling equipment including the following:

    • ·          Note counters & note scales.
    • ·          Coin counters/ sorters & coin scales
    • ·          Note verifiers (Counterfeit money detectors) Euro & Dollar Detectors


  • We are the sole distributors of the AccuBANKER USA note counters in Southern Africa.

    AccuBANKER is the No 1 selling brand in United States, Canada and South America.
  • The AccuBANKER note counters are professional grades counting and counterfeit detection units. One of the most advanced and powerful currency counters available to businesses, they will meet all of your cash handling needs. We have wide range of counters to fulfill the needs and requirements of every business big or small.
  • Equipped with a fully computerized mechanism, Our money counter features: variable counting speeds of up to 1500 bills/min, batching, adding, and dual means of counterfeit detections(UV,MT.MG,DD,IR), external displays
  • Stylish yet affordable, the AccuBANKER money counters is one of the most efficient and complete bill counter available, helping you in counting and detecting counterfeit currency in any business environment where cash is transacted and the strictest of counting/ counterfeit detection controls are required.
  • Saves time and labour costs
  • Reduces losses due to human error and easy to use                                             
  • Variable counting speeds (700, 1000, 1500 bills/minute)
  • Integrated counterfeit detection systems (MG / UV/ IR / MT)
  • Computerized for counting, adding, and batching. Two-tone coloured body
  • Automatic built-in dust cover and external displays on certain models only
  • One-year warranty

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UV/MG Detection /Auto Dust Cover





External display



AB6000: Business Pro Bill Counter / Counterfeit Detector

AB6000 Business

UV/MG/MT/IR Detection external display


D550: Authenticator / Multi Currency Detector

Multi currency Authenticator

Detects and counts   USD/Pound/Euro/Canadian

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